Hatin On Me – 4 eyez (Ft. Doc Smooth)

Listen Here: Hatin On Me – 4 eyez (Ft. Doc Smooth)

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Remember the mid-2000s?


Well if you don’t. This track is sure to give you nostalgia.

The intro doesn’t show the mid-2000s as much. But, honestly, the intro doesn’t show much of anything. There needs to be something added, even if it is just simple conversation. It feels like the awkward pause that comes between relatives that haven’t spoken in years.

Jumping right into the hook. This is a track that has used a background vocal with a low deep pitch, in order to shadow and deepen a sharper lighter high pitched voice. This is dangerous territory. Why? You might think it sounds dope when you’re mixing a track, and that you’re just using the tools at your disposal in order to create a more professional sounding track. Well, that’s not exactly how it works. Let me put it this way, how many song have you been hearing on the radio doing this? None where I’m from. I’m not saying that it’s bad to do your own thing and stay unique to your style, I’m just saying that there’s a reason this died off ten to fifteen years ago. Not only does it give it an amateurish “Hustle and Flow” sound, it makes it hard to listen to. However, in some aspects, it does fit this song. It might’ve been more useful at a slightly less prevalent volume. It doesn’t seem like the artist has the voice to make a hook like this, making the editing feel necessary. This is a problem that can be fixed though, put a different artist on the hook. Artists do this all the time, there’s no shame in it. When you want your hook to sounds a certain way, and you just can’t seem to produce that sound naturally, editing is almost always a sure-fire way of failing.

Moving on to the verses of this song. What’s up with excessive nasty echoing behind the vocals? These make the verses sound messy. This is a much needed fix. Tighten up the reverb, and put together a better recording session. The biggest rule about reverb is that it shouldn’t be noticeable. It should sound natural. This doesn’t sound natural. Aside from the mixing and mastering though, I would like to point out another big problem. The artists seem to be reaching pretty far for their rhymes. The flow is nice. It’s old school and has a dope rhythm. But sometimes it’s just to “up and down.” The artists seem to get too excited to rhyme and start stretching for rhymes that are too simplistic. Find some rhymes that aren’t one syllable. It will help, trust me. I can say though, that “4 eyez” does a better job of sticking to his flow and pulling in some metaphors than Doc Smooth does. “Doc” seems to be using severely simplistic rhymes, can’t hold his flow, makes it apparent that he is taking breaths, stutters, and tries to follow each rhyme up with an explanation of why he said the last one. These are amateur mistakes that aren’t the easiest to fix, but with a voice like “Doc’s,” I would be extremely upset to not see them fixed. He has the perfect Dirty South mid-2000s rap voice, and if anyone’s going to bring the style back, it’s going to be this guy.

Overall, I would half to say that this is a song that is perfect for demonstrating what these guys are going to bring to the table. Some old-school, gritty, underplayed rap. I’m all for this. This is actually one of my favorite parts of the entire song. I love the fact that they are making music from another era, that is hard to find now-a-days. Once these errors get tightened up, I’m sure we will be hearing these guys again. With some less simplistic rhymes and better recording sessions.

RRR Score: 5/10

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