What You Need – QuanOG

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Sleeper Alert?

I chose to review this song off of his EP “OG” because, well, it’s my favorite off the EP.

This is the talent I love discovering. This is an artist that has a natural flow. Period.

From the start of the hook I could tell I was going to like this song. It takes a good understanding of music to flow and naturally change pitches the way QuanOG does in this hook. I love the way he rises his pitch when he says “Whatchu want” and then drops it back down when he says “Got whatchu need.” That’s beautiful.

His flow after the chorus has a perfect mix. The echoed reverb treats my ears well.

Let’s get into the verse of this song. First, the positives. QuanOG attacks the beat on a superb level. Every time the beat switches up throughout the verse he makes sure to change his flow up too. This is called riding the beat, a big key that most young artists tend to miss. This is crucial in professionalism, it’s something that Meek Mill does really well, and is one of the reasons he rose to fame the way he did. It’s just something you can’t teach. Another positive from this verse is that he shows some lyrical talent. He slides some bars in there that as a listener you most likely missed, and this is what I’m going to get into next.

As for a good majority of young rappers, enunciation can be a problem. If QuanOG were to slow down and finish each line before starting the next one, his bars would be more apparent, thus making this track a hell of a lot colder. Without being an experienced listener, most audiences aren’t going to give him the credit he deserves for his wordplay. On top of that, there are a couple of points through this verse that even I couldn’t understand. I don’t care what the radio tells you. Music should ALWAYS be understandable. If the audience can’t understand what he’s saying, then why did he spend so much time writing these lyrics. I understand he’s trying to keep his flow. But again, he just needs to slow it down. It’s a simple fix. And I promise his flow will still be there.

I’d also like to touch base on the adlibs of this song. It’s not often that a young artist nails the adlibs like this. Most artists at this point in their career are trying to do too much with them. Not QuanOG. These adlibs are well-placed and well mastered. Props.

Transitioning into the last hook, I was glad to hear it again. It flowed together so nicely that I didn’t even see it coming. After the second hook, the songs over. Some may think this is too short. But not me. This song is only a minute and fifty-three seconds, and that’s my favorite part. Too many young artists feel the need to extend their songs, when they don’t really have anything to say. At least with a song like this, the listener is tuned in the entire time, and isn’t zoning off and missing half of the verse.

Overall, I’m excited to see this artist develop and continue doing what he has been. I will most definitely be on the lookout for future projects of his, and I think you should be too. I would love to see him and C.Y. Miner do something together. Try and make that happen QuanOG. I’ll sit back and stay entertained by your work.

RRR Score: 8/10

-Real Rap Reviewer

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