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Meek Mill?

Not quite. But close.

When I first turned this song on, I have to say that I was already impressed with the intro. Most songs from artists that are just getting started, completely bomb the introduction. Not this song. It is easy to tell that there was just as much mixing and mastering time spent into the intro, as there was the main vocals to this track. What I mean by this, is that the intro’s vocals are faded back just the right amount, the mix is clean and not choppy, on top of that the artist also added a pan, letting his laugh transition from left, to middle, to right. The reason I included “to middle,” in the pan breakdown, is because this is something that is often missed also. Too many artists will try to pan their vocals and end up mixing it into an instantaneous jump from left to right. Not only was the pan on this intro great, I was impressed by how the introduction talk stayed relevant to the topic of the song, and wasn’t just some random nonsense speaking. Props to “Fatboi” for keeping it professional.

Getting into the hook. The first thing I would like to point out about this hook is that it could sound much better. Let me explain why. If “Fatboi” were to put a bit more effort into the writing of the hook, it would do wonders. Instead of repeating every line in the hook in order to find a rhyme, he could have used couplets. This is the type of change that could make this song go from a one/ten rating, to a ten/ten rating on a music critics board. Trust me. Following up with some more improvements to the hook, I would also like to point out that some of these lines are hard to understand. This is due to a slightly high amount of reverb and editing on the vocals. One specific line I would like to point out is the line that starts out with, “thot bitches…” It has a strange metallic sound that doesn’t go well with the mix of the other vocals on this track. This is another fix that could make this song sound ten times more professional. To be honest, “Fatboi” should just remove this line from the hook altogether. It was delivered in a monotone fashion, and didn’t have a great sound to it. The last part of the hook I feel the need to speak on, is how the first lines in the hook, (the ones that are being repeated) are a lot harder to understand than the repeated version. Not sure what went on here, maybe a recording error? I don’t exactly know.

Moving onto the verse. Holy emotion. This is where I find the resemblance between “Fatboi” and Meek Mill. The energy and emotion put into this verse is on point. This is the type of energy that separates an okay artist from a top-level artist. Not only does “Fatboi” jump into the verse with plenty of energy, he maintains it, and that’s the most impressing part. Never once throughout the verse do you hear his voice lose tone or run out of breathe.  This is what makes his flow so great, the consistency and energy combined makes “Fatboi” kill this track. I can confidently say that. However, the flow isn’t the only thing I appreciated from this verse. The dude spit bars. He was sneaking in Scarface/Straight G metaphors and similes all over this joint, while keeping them relevant to his hook and topic of the song. Major props to this fact alone. Sometimes rappers that flow this fast lose focus on lyricism, and it makes me happy that “FatBoi” didn’t. There is one negative to his flow being so fast though, and that is the poor enunciation in the verse’s early bars. After “Fatboi” says,”these niggas be hatin..” we lose him in an array of tongue flips until we can start understanding him again once he says,”rain like a hurricane.” This is one of problems that isn’t hard to fix, it just needs to be done. There’s no point in writing words that people won’t hear and comprehend. The last thing I would like to mention about this verse is the way it ended.  It was perfect. “Fatboi” says,”cuz told me what it was..” and let’s the line hang for just enough time to come back in with the hook. These are the little things most artists need to put more work into.

To sum up this song, I would like to speak again on behalf of the well placed, well mixed, and well mastered adlibs. As I’ve said a million times, these can completely make or break a song. “Fatboi” chose to let them make his. I would also like to point out the excessive outro music. With such a well-made intro, there is no reason to leave fifty-sum seconds of an empty beat ending the song. Say something. Anything. If there isn’t any work put into an outro of that length, then it shouldn’t be that length. A minor problem, but all problems are worth fixing in this industry. All-in-all, this is a song that shows the potential and talent of this artist. Curious to see where he goes from here, but from what I’ve heard, I can only imagine that he will be moving up.

RRR Score: 8/10

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