Ima Bout It – YNC (Ft. Mike Jones)

Listen Here: Ima Bout It – YNC (Ft. Mike Jones) (Clean Version)

Or Listen Here: Ima Bout It – YNC (Ft. Mike Jones) (Explicit)

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When asked to review this song, I was starstruck.

Then I hated it.

At first listen.

Then I listened about ten more times.

Then I found the explicit version. This is what made the difference for me. The clean version has no flow. It sounds like a song out of Empire. It actually doesn’t make a lot of sense. After finding the explicit version though, I have formed a different opinion.

First things first. Beat tags, lose em’. To have beat tags after putting this much money into a single is just tacky. C’mon YNC. Aside from the beat tags though, this song is well produced. The mixes were on point, and the mastering was on key too. There’s no question about the audio quality of this song. So let’s move on.

The hook. This could be improved. “Dolla” and “Problems” don’t rhyme. I don’t care how you pronounce them. It doesn’t change whether or not they rhyme. I will say that it has a nice flow, it just doesn’t rhyme. It’s clear that this song is designed to be mainstream, which is what it is currently doing. However, this is the one thing that’s holding this song back. The voice is there, and so is the production. If the hook was made with just a couple word changes, I would love it a whole lot more.

Following the verse. I love how this bridges into the verse. The hi-pass filter and melody put into this song after he says, “stepped up in the club I saw some niggas on some lame shit..” is tight. This is actually my favorite part of this song. It just sounds…nice.

LaRon spitting. He low-key goes in… For like a bar. There needs to be more room made in this song for LaRon to go in for at least four bars. He came in ready to snap, and then three lines later it was back to the hook.

Josh’s verse. I was feeling this shit. He went right in, no hesitation this was dope. He actually threw forward a pretty clever slew of metaphors, and then he lost me at “Hey.” C’mon Josh. Don’t break the flow you had going. You could’ve left a harder mark on this song if you would have just kept going with it. After the “Hey,” everything felt off beat. However, I still would’ve liked to hear Josh go in for longer than what he did.

Mike Jones. Who? Exactly. Mike Jones is long past dead and gone. However, I will give him credit, without his presence in this song, it would be hard for upcoming artists like YNC to get the shine and recognition they deserve. So I understand YNC’s reasoning for putting him on the track.

Overall, I think this song will get a good amount of views, but I think it will stop there. It’s not going to be around after about a month. This is okay, it just means that YNC will have to continue going hard, and be ready to take the world by storm. Keep dropping tracks. Pretty soon you are going to have a larger than life fan base, and will be able to get some big name features that will contribute a lot more to your songs. Lastly, save more room in the track for YNC to spit bars. I can’t emphasize this enough. I am really interested in hearing what you guys can do when you just let lose and spit for longer.

RRR Score: 7/10

-Real Rap Reviewer

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