SOME WILL TRY – Kid Filthy

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This. Is. Fresh.

I just want to come out and say this review is going to be a little bit different.

There will be a little less hate here.

When I turned this song on, I could already tell I was going to fuck with this track. Kid Filthy used a beat that seems to fit his style perfectly. The beat almost sounds like his voice. Perfect match.

This song is different in the aspect that this artist doesn’t start out with his chorus. He jumps right into the verse, even before the beat drops. For some artists this can be a really dangerous move. Not for Kid Filthy. He rode the beat perfectly and came in hard and aggressive. By the time the beat dropped, I was already feeling this song. It fell perfect into the melody.

There is so many compliments I could mention about this song, so I will try to sum this up as fast as I can. The energy in this song gets an A+. Kid Filthy made me feel like I was standing right in front of him at a concert. This song is live. The flow of this song is something different. It has a New York feel to it, except there are couple of flows in here that are strictly unique to Kid Filthy. Some type of shit I have never heard before. It’s great.

The metaphors in this song could get an article to themselves. I love that Kid Filthy didn’t stray away from spitting meaningful bars in the whole song. It sounds like he put a lot of work into every word he spit, and it paid off. This is one of the most apparent parts of this song. These are some extremely intelligent word plays. But it doesn’t feel forced. Kid Filthy flows through these bars so naturally that it’s hard to miss the punchlines. The one thing I can say that is somewhat negative, is that with his accent it does take a couple times listening to in order to catch every bar, especially if you are unfamiliar with British Colombia rap. If he were to spent a half second more enunciating his words it would make it distinctly more understandable.

I have to talk about the hook. It’s loud. But controlled. It is coming from all over the place. But clearly. This is what I love about this song the most. Kid Filthy seems to be using a ton of different vocal recordings, but never makes them too chaotic that it hurts your head. Not only that, the hook stays on topic throughout the entire chorus, it doesn’t lose any meaning as Filthy searches for rhymes. Great job.

Overall, this song has a great Rock and Rap feel. This is a perfect song for those that like more hardcore Hip Hop to bump while they’re cruising around. I think that’s what makes me fall for this song, hard rap is my soft spot. However, even with my bias, it is usually easy for me to find imperfections in hard rap. Just not this song. To be completely honest, I have never liked British rappers. I could never stand their accents enough to be able to get into their music. Especially “Giggs.” Kid Filthy has made me change my opinion. His flow and tenacity is so superb that I don’t spend a lot of time focusing on his accent. I am more than impressed with this single. If you haven’t started following him on Soundcloud and Twitter, go do that now!


RRR Score: 9/10

-Real Rap Reviewer

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