SerVin – Lil Will (Ft. Kayzo)

Listen Here: SerVin – Lil Will (Ft. Kayzo)

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Nothing fancy. Just raw vocals and adlibs.

That’s the main thing I’d like to take from this track. Lil Will shows that he isn’t a really big fan of reverb or any other audio editing tools. This kind of holds this track back. The audio is really clean, and sounds nice. The thing is, this track is just boring. There aren’t any volume changes or drops throughout the whole song.

I will have to say though, the composition of this piece is well. It’s just too basic to ever blow up. The biggest tip I can give any artist that is new in their career, is to shoot for the stars. Don’t just show that you can rap, everyone can rap. Make your own style. Do something different. And if you can’t do something different, then be the best at what you are doing. Otherwise, this is how your song will turn out. It’s a nice filler track for an album, it’s just not much more than that.

The hook is just too plain. There needs to be a tone change from the chorus and the verse. If you aren’t going to change tones, then you mine as well just go in and fire off lines like bullets throughout the whole song. If the chorus isn’t catchy, sending a message, or creating a melody, then fuck the chorus. Throw it out.

It’s clear that the artist has all the equipment he needs to make it big. The audio quality is up there with some of the best. I think if he just added a nice tight and close reverb onto the end of his vocals, and turned the volume on his adlibs down a little, it would make this sound a lot more like a song with a melody, versus another Soundcloud track.

I would like to point out that there is a good use of metaphors in the little bit of this song that Lil Will is actually rapping. When he isn’t looping the “Nigga stay servin” hook, he shows that he’s got some bars. I’d like to hear what he would do on a feature, or with someone else dropping his hooks. I see a lot of potential here. His flow is on point. He just needs to spice it up a little bit. Throw something extra in there. Maybe hit your end rhymes with some background harmonized vocals, anything to make it sound slightly less clean. If your song is going to sound this clean, it needs to have a message or story it’s telling, other than just the repetitive lines of you telling the listener that you serve drugs.

Music is like a book. If there isn’t any action in your rhymes, then there isn’t anything to read/listen to. Anyone can write a book, just like anyone can write a song, it’s making the song so imaginative and entertaining, that it encompasses the listener into a different mind set. Music should always be endorphin releasing, that’s what makes listeners enjoy it. I just didn’t feel that in this song. Like I said, I respect the quality of the recording, you have a pretty good voice for the industry, your metaphors and lyrics are there, it just needs something more. Who knows, it might just be a different beat.

Overall, I can see this artist being a common voice in upcoming rap songs. I expect to see him out there on other people’s tracks especially. Hell, I would pay him to feature on one of my tracks, in this song he just gives off that jack-of-all trades feel. If this song could have one strong point, and not be so balanced, it could be better. It just doesn’t, which I’m sure Lil Will will understand, and will continue to grow and mold into his own style, and become a tremendous artist.

RRR Score: 6/10

-Real Rap Reviewer

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