Monster – ProblemChild Venu$

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Like to dance?

Well that’s the apparent goal of “Monster” by ProblemChild Venu$.

She is a female artist out of Charlotte, NC. She has big plans for her music career and has currently only released one single on her Soundcloud. So let’s jump in.

This track starts out with the hook, “I’m a monster yeah,” and repeats it for what feels like an extra long time. As far as the quality of the hook goes, I would have to say it was recorded smoothly. However, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in comparison to the rest of the song. “ProblemChild” talks an awfully lot about being a monster in this song, but there isn’t any relation of the word “monster” found anywhere else in her song. The artwork doesn’t have any monsters in it and the lyrics are anything but scary. It sounds clean and smooth throughout the entire hook though, except for whatever she says after saying “I’m a monster yeah,” I don’t know what the fuck she is saying. But some people like this music. Me personally, no.

The song proceeds into a “verse” for the rest of the song. I call it a “verse,” and not a verse, because it has to be the most pointless “verse” I have ever heard. There is absolutely no direction what-so-ever. On top of that, the master is poor. Whoever mastered this track did not understand that the voice is supposed to be heard. Her voice (which is actually really dope and has a great and professional sound) is lost behind the beat. I did however catch a metaphor in this “verse” something like “Drip like a fish.” Not exactly a Montana of 300 caliber line, but it does resemble something like an “Ugly God” line. This verse also either has a really bad echo, or “ProblemChild” just didn’t hear herself say it the first time and felt the need to say every line and word multiple times. Yikes.

To wrap up my review of this song, I would say that this song has the potential to tune well to the ears of the “New Era” Hip-Hop listeners, and she could attack “Lil Uzi Vert” or “Madeintyo” ‘s fan base. This song greatly resembles a Lil Uzi song mixed with “Uber Everywhere.” However, I don’t want to be super hard on this song, because IT IS labeled as a dance song. For a dance song, this has a great sound, is clean on the ears, is mixed very well, and her voice is absolutely great for leaning back and vibing. However, even as a dance song, the master could still be improved, the song is really short, and there should be some theme around the word “Monster.”

I expect this artist to grow from this review, and come back and drop a hot new single soon. She definitely has the potential to make a hit. Her voice is perfect for it. It’s just a matter of whether or not she continues to grow, or is content with settling. I’m sure she will continue working hard and be back with more music and better content overall in the future. Be on the lookout! And make sure to go follow her on Twitter and Soundcloud! The links are above!

RRR Score: 4/10

-Real Rap Reviewer

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