King Tut – Pharoah

Listen Here: King Tut – Pharoah

One word is what makes this song. Energy. Energy. Energy.

I’m going to jump right out and bluntly say this. This song is average. But wait, wait, wait. Let me explain before you close out of this and hate my reviews. This song is average, but sounds really fucking dope, because this artist is a great performer. The artist is the reason this song bumps, and the reason you can listen to this song. Now I know this may sound dumb, but let me get into why I believe this to be true.

This song starts out with the hook. The hook isn’t anything special. The rhyming is actually very simplistic, and could most likely be done by a fourth grader. The artist uses a consistent “A-A-A-A” rhyming scheme throughout the entire hook, and doesn’t seem to put an extreme amount of effort into the lyricism of the hook. The hook is then repeated about four times, taking up a good portion of this song. As much as I’m bashing this hook, I love it. This sounds ridiculous, I know. But I love it for the same reason I’m sure the other two-thousand five-hundred listeners love it. The energy and the pick up. The artist takes these simple lyrics, and turns them into a banger. Pharoah has the listeners chanting “Bitch I feel like King TUT!!” like it’s no tomorrow because he knows how to get a room jumping with his tenacious energy. All in all, this hook isn’t written well, but the artist makes up for it with his personality.

The verse. This is the same type of thing. The artist’s flow is absolutely tremendous. Every word flows together better than the waters of the Mississippi. However, if you actually listen to what Pharoah is saying, there are a couple of lines that really don’t have a purpose. He takes more straight word rhymes and makes them sound like an anthem. This is slightly different than the hook though, because I will give him credit with the fact that he slides some pretty dope metaphors in. There are only two things I would change about this verse is a couple of the lines’ lyricism depth, and the part in about the middle of the verse when Pharoah is clearly running out of breath. If he could hold the same tone throughout the entire verse and keep the volume up, the delivery would be flawless.

After going hard till the end of the verse, Pharoah sums this song up by putting the hook on repeat a couple more times. I will especially give him credit in this specific aspect, his transition back into the hook is extra smooth. He never misses a beat I swear. The song finished with more energy into the sub-par lyrical hook, and that was all she wrote. A straight-forward road banger.

Overall, this song is definitely something I would listen to in the future, and that goes back to what I have mentioned in previous reviews. When the hook has a great flow and melody, people will always come back to listen a second time. This is the generation we live in. Aside from this song, this artist is an absolute phenomenal performer. I would love to hear what he would do with a ghost writer. (Ooouuu I’m sure some you will hate that I said that, but It’s true) I see a bright future for Pharoah, and I see him continuing to make hits from his energy alone. A lot of talent in this guy, he reminds me of a slightly more energized Joey Badass. I just wish he would take some of his energy and put it towards some more in-depth word play is all.

RRR Score: 7/10

-Real Rap Reviewer

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