Smile – A.N.T.

Listen Here: Smile – A.N.T.

Go grab a box of tissues before listening to this one, it’s a tear jerker. I caught myself sniffling throughout the entire time of listening to this song. It will definitely put you in your feels. As hard as it is though, I have to put my emotions aside when reviewing these tracks. So let’s dig in.

First verse. A.N.T. decides to dive right in and immediately let you feel his pain. I like it. A lot. However, the one thing he could do differently is end his lines more clearly. As telling a story through music is a hard task to achieve, A.N.T. has to settle some lines by ending them midway, or partially through his sentences in order to find his rhymes and flow. This is okay, if it makes sense. If I were to take the lyrics of this verse and read them like a book, with no flow and melody, some of them wouldn’t make sense. Other than that, the first verse flows extremely well and gets its message across effectively.

The hook. One word. Impeccable. After hearing this song one time I was able to sing along with every word of the hook. It’s delivered clearly and beautifully. A.N.T. really puts his voice on display, showing some real vocal talent. I actually shed a tear singing along to the hook. You will understand what I mean when you hear it. It is simply beautiful. The adlibs in the background also give it a nice added effect. They make this song sound quite professional.

The last verse. This is what I meant with ending lines mid-sentence while still keeping the words clear. He destroys this verse. Every line is delivered clean and in fashion. The only thing I would change is the tone of his voice in the first half of the last verse. The second half’s tone is right on point, you can literally feel his pain and anger. It’s great. The first half just doesn’t have that, it feels plain and scripted. He finished the verse with a great transition into the last hook, and finished the song off beautifully.

To sum this review up, the first thing I would have to say is R.I.P. to A.N.T.’s mother, and I’m sure she would be very proud. This is a song that can be listened to over and over again with no regrets. I have listened to this song over twenty times now since it was submitted, and it is on repeat as we speak. A.N.T. did a tremendous job of connecting with the listener, and making them feel what he is feeling. This artist is highly underrated, and I am beyond surprised at the low view count on this song. I cannot speak enough for this song, and I hope A.N.T. keeps up the work despite not getting the attention he deserves. Absolutely beautiful song. Beautiful.

RRR Score: 8/10

-Real Rap Reviewer

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