No Stopping – Special K334

Listen Here: No Stopping – Special K334

First off, I would like to recognize Special K334 as the first artist to submit their work to me. This is much appreciated, as it allows me to do what I love, listen to new music. Now let’s get started.

When I first clicked the link to this song I was greeted with a smooth background ambiance, almost giving this song a galactic feel at first. Then the intro carried on for what I felt to be slightly too long. The artist would have been better off starting the pace to the song a little more subjectively at the sound of the first kick in the beat. Then the hook came in and surprisingly, I found my head bobbing and before I knew it I was vibing to the smooth flow throughout the hook.

I really enjoyed the chorus of this song. It made the song smooth and gave it the perfect relaxing, yet confident boosting mood. The adlibs in the background also contributed to making this song hold its tempo and melody.

Going into the first and only verse on this track, I felt that the artist flowed perfectly into the transition between the chorus and rapping. I listened to this verse about five times. The first time I was slightly annoyed with the excessive adlibs. It took away from the artists vocals, and made it hard to clearly understand and catch his metaphors. However, my next four times listening to this verse went a lot better after I decided to do my best to block out the adlibs. The artist used some clever metaphors and didn’t break his flow. This artist reminds me a lot of Kevin Gates throughout the hook and the verse.

After hearing the last of the chorus play through, I didn’t enjoy the excessive outro. The artist should focus on keeping the beat occupied more, I felt that this song was excellent when the artist was rapping and singing, I just got annoyed with the continuous playing of just the beat. This includes the slightly long intro. Other than these few things, this is an artist to watch. No doubt in my mind, this artist has already created a good amount of separation from himself and the young artists he is competing with by sounding extremely professional.

RRR Score: 7/10

-Real Rap Reviewer

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