Favourit – SoFreekedKiddo

Listen Here: Favourit – SoFreekedKiddo

To get started, let me talk about how I really enjoyed the beat to this single. Throughout the entire track there is tons of variety. It is constantly twisting and bending, and the “ohhhh” in the background really adds a nice touch to the vibe of the tracks. Not sure if this beat was produced by SoFreekedKiddo or not, but whoever produced this sound, huge props and shoutout to them.

Now let’s hop right on in to the vocals of this track. The artist decided to open this track up with the hook. However, what is different about this hook is that it is flowed through the same way some may rap their verses. I really like this. I get a Snoop Dogg feel throughout the hook. Other than that, there isn’t much else to breakdown about the hook. It is repeated throughout the song about three or four times, and is the beef of this song. That’s the last I will say about this hook, because it really speaks for itself, it’s got a smooth melody and is sure to run through your head for the next hour after hearing this song.

Going into the first verse, this is where the critiquing comes in. The artist seems to be doing his mixing and mastering on his own. There is nothing wrong with this at all, unless it sounds like this. There are muffles and times throughout the verse that make it really hard to understand some of his bars. For what I could make out though, there isn’t really much purpose to this song. It has an incredible flow and will have you bobbing your head. If I could change one thing in this verse, I would take the part of where he says “Hot 97” out, or I would change the way he says it. It just needs more energy. The bars need more metaphors, and quite simply, the song just needs more thought. The flow can be as impeccable as possible, but it’s very hard for a listener to get past the artist rhyming “school” and “cool.”

Now that the negatives are out of the way, I would like to address some positives of this song. The artist clearly shows that he has what it takes to hold an old school flow, and keep his rhymes stringing together. He also has a big time potential with his voice. This is a voice you could hear on the radio. With a couple more artists on this track, and some better mixing a mastering, this song has the potential to be a hit. It’s just not all the way there yet. My advice to the artist would be to continue making music for sure, as I believe he will drop some great hits in the future. A good example of his potential would be in another song he did with Mayes, called “So Lonely.”

The only reason I decided to review “Favourit” over “So Lonely” is because it is a solo song, and even with the slightly below average mix, it is definitely mastered better than “So Lonely,” which you can hear here: So Lonely – SoFreekedKidd x Mayes .

Last thing I can say is, definitely go check this artist out. By no means is he a bad artist, he just hasn’t completely tapped out his potential yet. He will definitely be on the rise in the future, and it’s quite possible you might see him popping up in venues around you, as he has the look of a big time rapper. Make sure to give him a follow on his soundcloud and support him on his journey to the top. Thanks for reading!

RRR Score: 6/10

-Real Rap Reviewer

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